Lake Lanier Real Estate

You can’t beat the beauty and amenities offered when you purchase Lake Lanier real estate.

With over 600 miles of shoreline, Lake Lanier is one of the largest man-made lakes in the southeast United States and boasts several visitors each year. One reason that Lake Lanier real estate is so popular is its proximity to Atlanta. A well-developed road network surrounds Lake Lanier, with several highways crossing the main body. Visitors can enjoy the city of Atlanta and, in the space of a short drive, can lose themselves in the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, making this area a perfect place to work and play.

Additionally, Lake Lanier Islands is a development of the State of Georgia and the Corps of Engineers. It is the major resort area on the Lake Lanier. The Islands complex provides picnicking, camping, beach areas, a water theme park, tennis courts, golf courses, rental boats, and hotel accommodations. Numerous other recreation areas operated by county and city agencies also offer recreational opportunities for owners of Lake Lanier homes.

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